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    DEISO is a research-oriented, science-based advisory, and cloud-based solutions company based in Japan. We work for sustainability, environment, technology, manufacturing, market, products, and IT.

    We help businesses and people to thrive by creating impact, making well-informed decisions and sustainable values, and empowering sustainable production and business. We work for businesses, technological industries, and academic institutions. Join us on our journey.

    Our services

    We provide environmental sustainability and market research, science-based advisory, and analytical services to help businesses and people thrive in several industries. We help your organization reduce exposure to environmental and market risk, develop its products and technologies during their life cycles, and drive your company into a sustainable future. We answer the big questions about your products, services, and technologies and address your company’s unique needs while focusing on the urgent concerns with well-informed decisions driven by data, analytics, research, and expert knowledge. We work for companies, academic institutions, and international organizations.

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    Life Cycle Assessment

    We Speak Fluent LCA

    We evaluate the environmental impacts and benefits of the manufacturing processes, products, services, and technologies such as greenhouse gasses, toxicity, and ecological damages, and several others, considering raw materials extraction, energy composition, production stages, transportation, the use phase, and the waste phase of the products or the residues of the production processes.

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    Years of LCA Experience

    LCA Studies

    We evaluate the environmental impacts of products, manufacturing processes, technologies, and services of 12+ industries.

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    We can handle your needs, whether you need to take a snapshot of your product, technology, or services or an assessment or benchmarking and comparative evaluation against other products and technologies. We carry out all types of LCA studies: "Screening LCA,” "Product LCA,” and “Comparative LCA” studies.

    LCA Data Estimates

    LCA data estimates for unavailable datasets in commercial databases

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    Sometimes, the LCA data “known as Life Cycle Inventory (LCI)” is nonexistent in commercial databases. We estimate such unavailable data with various approaches in different areas.

    DESO LCA One

    A subscription-based ALL-in-One LCA Solution

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    DESIO LCA One is our All-in-One service-based solution. A cost-effective solution for all your LCA needs: LCA and data consulting, emissions estimations of unavailable emission factors, training, modeling, and more. Available in different subscription plans for both companies and education.

    LCA Basic Training Program

    Get trained for LCA fundamentals

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    This course offers an essential overview of LCA. It will benefit your company to understand the LCA method, its ISO standard, and its applications. By completing this program, your employees can conduct an LCA study from the cradle to the grave, interpreting and reporting the results for a specific process and the entire system for product improvement of the company’s technologies.

    LCA Advanced Training Program

    Take the next step beyond the LCA fundamentals

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    Specifically for industry, manufacturing, and technology development. By completing this program, you will be able to conduct an LCA study from the cradle to the grave, interpreting and reporting the results for a specific process and the entire system with any LCA studies: "Screening LCA,” "Product LCA,” and Comparative LCA” studies and perform several LCA additional analyses.

    LCA Software Training

    GaBi ts, SimaPro, MiLCA, & openLCA training

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    Training programs of the prevalent and industrial leading software widely used in both industry and academia. GaBi ts, SimaPro, openLCA & MilCA. It is highly recommended that a user not work with an LCA software without detailed knowledge and professional skills on the software used for a particular project or study and its databases. Learning any of these software solutions is an incredible skill in today’s industries and the job market. The use of LCA and its LCA software is a sustainability value for your company.


    Get certified for the basics of LCA (training plus certification)

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    Get certified for the basics of LCA: DEISO LCA+ is a training and certification program of LCA basics. Become an LCA certified and step up your career in today's most complex industries and research. Enrich your scientific publications and get recognized as an LCA expert in academia and industry.


    Get certified for the advanced level of LCA (training plus certification)

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    Specifically for industry, manufacturing, and technology development. By completing this program, you will be able to conduct an LCA study from the cradle to the grave, interpreting and reporting the results for a specific process and the entire system with any LCA studies: "Screening LCA,” "Product LCA,” and Comparative LCA” studies and perform several LCA additional analyses.

    LCA Critical Reviews

    Critical LCA reviews for the creditability of your LCA study

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    An LCA peer review provides you maximum credibility and reliability, as an ACL peer review is recommended. LCA is a precise and detailed field. If an LCA is comparative and involves release in the public domain, the ISO LCA standard requires an independent review.

    Need a Special LCA Service?

    Contact us if you need other LCA services.

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    Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to speak with us about a specific LCA service for your company, team, manufacturing, or technology. You can submit your request here or email us at .

    Subscription Plans


    • -LCA Training
    • -LCA Software Training
    • -Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Data Estimation
    • -LCA Consultation
    • -LCI Training
    • -LCA Modeling (Up to 1 project/year)
    • And more ...

    DEISO GHG Reporting

    • -Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Reporting
    • -GHG Scope: Scope 1, 2, or 3
    • -Assessment Scope: Cradle-to-Grave, Gate-to-Gate, Cradle-to-Gate, or Gate-to-Grave
    • -Online Dashboards
    • -Data Format: MS-Excel, PDF summaries, searchable tables with filtering (online), up to 10 graph types (online)
    • -Online Profiles: Company profile & data history
    • -Dedicated Platform: A dedicated platform for every client
    • -Visualized Results
    • -Estimation of missing emission factors
    • -Sharing: Securely share your results online
    • -Could Backup: Automatic backup to cloud services
    • Free Consultation: Up to 1 project/year
    • And More ...

    DEISO SDGs Hub

    • -SDGs Training
    • -SDGs Planning
    • -Up-to-Date Data & Knowledge
    • -Development of Performance Indicator
    • -Consultation (Up to 2 projects/year)
    • -Online Profiles
    • -Business Networking
    • And more ...

    How we work?

    We don’t see ourselves as “service sellers” – we’re here to support you and be by your side every step. We always get to speak to our clients to learn about them, their business, goals, and challenges to provide them with the best possible quality of service. We then transfer our knowledge and expertise to pinpoint the critical requirements of the client’s projects and help them with their challenges to achieve their goals.

    We aim to take an integrated and comprehensive approach, methods, tools, or body of knowledge. We believe that applying the best ideas requires careful evaluation of the various proposed approaches, or we can advise our own. We may suggest the most straightforward approach or one suited to the needs of the situation at hand. Sometimes, an integrated approach is necessary for a complex project.

    Our Values 

    We are committed to our values and making an impact and helping our clients to make an impact.

    We believe in diversity, where good ideas come from everywhere. We want to make a significant global impact using skills and the technology that brings our ideas to fruition.

    Our purpose is to create a compelling impact with data, research, well-designed services, consultation, training, human resource development, cloud-based solutions, investment, and digital technology to make our ideas come true.

    We believe that quality and added values for our customers are most important. We are pledged to provide our best quality possible and explore ways to add values, impacts, and benefits to our customers whether it is associated with their services, products, technologies, projects, brand reputation, or whatever the area or the project we work on, we give our best to deliver quality.

    We believe in face-to-face collaboration with businesses in various industries, academic and research institutions, universities, local governments, and international organizations. We are still pursuing opportunities to build up our customer relationships to cooperate with diverse companies in Japan and worldwide.

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    Under development 


    DEISO LCA Pro is an under-development professional LCA software. Get an alert when it's available or join our team.

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