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About DEISO 

DEISO [pronunciation] (Integrated Environmental Sustainability Oriented Research and Development) is a sustainability company based in Japan that delivers profit and impact to businesses and industries and values to the planet, academic institutions, and people. DEISO provides professional services to meet the needs for sustainability goals, efficiency, energy demand and profitability with R&D, sustainability-focused services, EHS, solutions of CO2 reduction, LCA, KPIs, SDGs, research software, cloud-based sustainability solutions, and sustainability support for emerging countries.

Our services are well-designed for integrative, efficient, more innovative, and productive sustainability. We help local and global businesses, industries, communities, education, and universities to achieve greater sustainability. We assist our clients in sustainable and cost-effective business, support technology development and innovation concerning the environment, public health, climate change, energy use, waste reduction, waste utilization, and resource utilization. We provide a broad spectrum of sustainability services, R&D, human resource development, expert certification, and fully managed IT services and solutions to support our customers in keeping their business up and running and more. The figures below depicts the integrative DEISO’s business concept and an outlook of our services.


DESIO Departments

DEISO consists of four departments (1) Department of Sustainability Services (DEISO SUS), (2) Department of Research & Development (DESIO R&D), (3) Department of Education & Academic Support (DEISO EDU), and (4) Department of IT Services & Solutions (DEISO IT). Our clients: companies, industries, researchers, university laboratories, faculty, postgraduate students, and individuals.

An Illustration of the Overall Business Concept

An Illustration of the Overall Business Concept (Japanese)

An Overall Outlook to Our Professional Business Services.

An Overall Outlook to Our Professional Business Services (Japanese)

More about DEISO

At DEISO, we offer professional sustainability services with three aspects: environmental, economic, and social. We provide R&D; human resource development; education and academic support; expert certification, CO2 emission reduction certification; and information technology services and solutions. Our services are aimed to serve the needs of corporations, industries, businesses, organizations, education, universities, and individuals. Our areas of focus include, e.g.,   sustainability, environmental design and protection; sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), renewable energy; agricultural and food sectors; assessment of technology development and innovation; waste handling and e-waste management in developing countries; and social welfare.

We also aim to assist companies, industries, and universities in evolving their projects and technology development in addition to conducting research, studies, and analysis. Therefore, we present a broad array of harmonized sustainability benefits. We incorporate various approaches in developing our services. Our approaches include specialized and expert knowledge, multidisciplinary research methodologies; analytical methodologies; simulation; modeling techniques; data analysis, evaluation models, market analysis, economic feasibility, and strategic planning. We integrate these approaches within the context of local and global change and by responding to global crises.

We also provide our clients with managed IT solutions and services, implementing and anticipating their IT demands. We develop customized IT solutions that meet their needs. We help our clients focus on their business progress by keeping it in service, up-and-running smoothly, and well-presented online through our web development services. All these duties, by outsourcing the IT requirements to our side. Such IT services include web design, web development, branding, online presence, web hosting, server hosting, customized software development, webserver management, systems back up, maintenance, troubleshooting, and IT consultancy. For more information about what we offer in information technology, please visit our IT department (DEISO IT) at it.deiso.co.jp.

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