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Agricultural systems use enormous quantities of resources, water, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers that affect the soil, water, air, and climate. The traditional agricultural systems are not designed to last because they waste and degrade the resources they depend on.

Sustainable agriculture practitioners seek to incorporate three critical pillars into agricultural systems (1) preserving the environment, (2) profitability, and (3) social and economic equity. Every stakeholder involved in any agricultural or food systems, such as farmers, food manufacturers and processors, distributors, consumers, and waste managers practitioners, should all play a role in attaining a sustainable agricultural system. Such roles should be based on a comprehensive approach to address risks to sustainable agriculture, the food industry, and food security. Issues of agriculture and food are often associated with agricultural production, climate change, the ecosystem, energy, resources, hunger, and poverty. Multidimensional comprehension is vital for the recognition of practical solutions.  Therefore, a common and agreed view is required. Based on an integrated and scientific approach, and proven strategies to achieve sustainability at different scales of the food and agricultural systems are fundamental to all partners involved.

Our Services

Information, policies, and technologies can increase the agriculture systems and food industry’s productivity and viability. At DEISO, we focus on sustainable farming operations. We work on several aspects such as (1) embracing diversity, (2) examining and integrated pest management (IPM) where a variety of techniques, including automatic and biological controls, can be employed consistently to maintain pest populations under control while reducing the use of chemical pesticides (3) Managing the structures and landscapes for their acts in controlling erosion, bringing nutrient runoff, and supporting biodiversity, (4) environmental sustainability in agriculture of supporting healthy soil, regulate water wisely, reducing air, water, and climate pollution, (5) aid research institutes,  on technology development with our services and R&D for better technologies, (6) R&D on smart agriculture systems.

Features of our Agricultural Services

Integrated Solutions

Based on Scientific Research



In-depth Investigation & Analysis

Multi Aspects Considerations

Our Support Includes:

  • Catalyzing Agricultural Productivity: Enhancing the yield, profitability, and sustainability of agricultural systems.
  • Create Markets: Balance inputs and products to allow market operations to comply, plan and improve the overall system—improvement of environmental performance and climate resilience.
  • R&D on smart agriculture and all the relevant agriculture and food systems.
  • Effectively manage resources and energy.
  • In-depth analysis and evaluation.
  • Strategic planning involving experts.
  • Agricultural waste and waste management planning.
  • Use of waste, such as converting waste to energy.
  • Scientific guidance.
  • Implementing IT services and solutions for monitoring and tracking all the technical activities.

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