Certification Services

An Overview

Certification for individuals and business: We issue professional certification of “Expert of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA),” “Expert of Sustainability,” “Expert of Municipal Solid Waste Management,” “Expert of E-Waste Management,” and “Expert of Waste Management.” The last one is for both municipal and e-waste experts, for individuals. We also issue CO2 Reduction Certificate for companies, businesses, and industries.

Following a systematic procedure of interviews, examinations, and training whenever is necessary for the “expert certificates” for individuals. For CO2 Reduction Certificate, we issue these certificates after in-depth environmental evaluation and analysis and comparison between the previous state and the current state of a company, business, or industry’s environmental performance. Please see the certification page for the details procedure, the application process, and the required scores.
  • “CO2 Reduction Certificate” (for companies and industries).
  • Certified “Expert of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).”
  • Certified “Expert of Sustainability.”
  • Certified “Expert of Municipal Solid Waste Management.”
  • Certified “Expert of E-Waste Management.”
  • Certified “Expert of Waste Management.”

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