Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile​

Official Corporate Profile​

The official name in Japanese: 合同会社 DEISO
The official name in English: DEISO LLC.
Founded: February 19, 2021
Phone: 0225-859-278
E-mail address:
  1. Conducting research work on the environment, energy, agriculture, technology, climate change, social welfare, market research, etc.
  2. Planning and consulting on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
  3. Environmental qualification and certification planning; development, operation business, qualification certification; and certificate issuance agency business.
  4. Human resource development business related to companies, education, and academia.
  5. Deliver IT services and solutions to support our customers.
  6. Selling computer software, digital tools, and databases.
  7. All businesses are incidental to or related to the preceding items.

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