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DEISO Consulting services are now available

DEISO Consulting services are now available for a broad spectrum of environmental and sustainability topics including, but not limited to:

• Environmental impact assessment of any topic, area, or industry with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

• LCA packages include GaBi ts, SimaPro, and openLCA.

• LCA data and its databases such as GaBi ts databases, ecoinvent database, and other DBs.

• Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) estimation for waste management processes such as unsanitary (uncontrolled landfilling), open burning of waste, open dumping of destruction for both municipal and e-waste processes. In addition, the processes of chemicals, materials, and others.

• Circular economy and resource efficiency.

• Chemical process simulation.

• Impacts on environment and health concerning technology or product development.

• Environmental policies.

• Technology assessment and innovation.

• CO2 reduction

See the complete list and information at here.