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    DESIO LCA One subscription plans are available now for students for up to a group of 20 postgraduate students

    We are pleased to announce that our “DEISO LCA One” subscription plans are now available for students “DEISO LCA One Students.” DEISO LCA One is an All-in-One Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) solution offered as subscription plans for commercial and individuals and now for students.

    The main difference is that the commercial package is intended for commercial and individuals while the student plans are for education. These plans are sold per person, and the DEISO LCA One for students is solid as a package for up to 20 students for each plan. Universities and laboratories can take advantage of these plans for a group of postgraduate students.

    DEISO LCA One subscription plans offer LCA training and teaching, LCA software training (GaBi ts, SimaPro, and open LCA), Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) training, LCI data estimation, LCA consultation, LCA modeling and modeling assistant advisory for students, project assessment and assistance, advice on academic paper writing and LCA reviews, and more.

    We offer four plans: DESIO LCA One “Starter,” “Pro,” “Pro+,” and “Ultimate.” Learn more or subscribe to DESIO LCA One plans for students or the commercial and individual plans. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can also request a quote here.

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