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    R&D services

    R&D services, e.g., evaluate technology and innovation development regarding CO2 emissions, environmental issues, economic visibility, social impacts, and identifying hotspots and opportunities to lower the environmental load and cost and increase production.

    Renewable Energy Business Studies and Services

    Delivers business services of development, planning, evaluation, and engineering services for renewable energy in close collaboration with our customers.

    CO2 Reduction Certification

    The CO2 reduction certificate shows that the certificate holder how much cut or avoided Greenhouse Gas emissions were achieved.

    Carbon Offsetting

    Carbon offsetting is becoming increasingly important as global CO2 emissions are increasing at an alarming rate. Carbon offsetting is a powerful tool to help combat climate change. The advantage to offsetting carbon emissions is the reduction in their emissions. Depending on the type of offsetting project, they may bring numerous benefits to the environment as a whole and local, social, and biodiversity benefits. At DEISO, we help in (1) consultation, (2) complete assessment of your business emissions and determination of the amount of credit a customer to purchase, and (3) guide through what is the appropriate project you’re your carbon offsetting through technical evaluation-based on the project, and (4) monitoring of CO2 reduction and reporting.

    Agriculture & Food

    We work on several aspects such as (1) embracing diversity, (2) examining and integrated pest management (IPM) where a variety of techniques, including automatic and biological controls, can be employed, (3) optimizing and regulating water and energy supply, reducing air, water, and climate pollution, (4) aid research on technology development with and (5) R&D on smart agriculture systems.

    Waste Management Services: Municipal waste e-waste and hazardous waste, services for developing countries

    1. Evaluation, development, and implantation of a modern waste management system that is (1) integrated, (2) cost-effective, (3) environmentally friendly, (4) socially acceptable. 2. Scenario development of several waste management schemes. 3. Waste analysis, characterization, and prediction. 4. We work with local governments to implant sustainable waste management systems in developing countries and collaborate with international financing/funding organizations.

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Services

    With LCA, we evaluate the multiple environmental impacts associated with all phases of the life-cycle of a product, process, system, technology, or commercial service.

    DESIO LCA ONE subscription plans (Commercial)

    All-in-One Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) solution.

    DESIO LCA ONE subscription plans (For students)

    All-in-One Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) solution. Available for a group of students up to 20 students with discounted price.

    Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA)

    With MFCA, we calculate the actual costs of material losses.

    Material Flow Analysis (MFA) services

    We quantify the flows and stocks of materials or substances in a system to analyze all the aspects of the processes entering and leaving the system of materials and energy with input/output analysis.


    Certification for individuals and businesses: We issue professional certification of "Expert of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)," "Expert of Sustainability," "Expert of Municipal Solid Waste Management," "Expert of E-Waste Management," and "Expert of Waste Management." Services are offered after completing training and the examination procedures.

    Research Assistance Services for University Laboratories

    We support and assist university laboratories in a variety of ways. We help them in their research projects in two ways. The first is by outsourcing specific tasks to us, and the second is by research collaboration.

    IT Services & Solutions

    Within the Department of IT Services & Solutions, we deliver managed IT services and solutions to our customers, implementing and anticipating their IT needs. We develop customized IT solutions and applications that meet their needs. We help our customers focus on their operational progress, keep them in service, get them up and running smoothly and present them online with our professional and modern web design and development services. All these duties, by outsourcing the IT requirements to our side. Such IT services include web design, SDGs presentation, sustainability practices presentation, web development, branding, online presence, web hosting, server hosting, webserver management, customized software development, webserver management, systems back up, web server backups, maintenance, troubleshooting, customized software development, and IT consultancy.

    DEISO SDGs Hub subscription plans

    All the knowledge, information, data, and consultations are needed to assist in implementing the SDGs. Further, a platform to exchange knowledge and make connections with companies that work in SDGs implementation.

    Cloud-Based Solutions

    Coming soon.

    Sustainability Services

    Services that focus on integrated environmental sustainability benefits. We integrate diverse techniques and strategies to bring our customers to sustainability-oriented businesses. These include expert judgment, interdisciplinary approaches, scientific methods, simulation, modeling techniques, data analysis, assessment models, market analysis, economic feasibility, strategic planning, and risk management, considering the local and global change, and global crises the COVID-19 or health pandemics. We focus on renewable energy, CO2 emission, agriculture, the foods and chemical industry, water resource management, waste management, smart farming, energy depletion.

    Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Data Estimation

    We provide our clients with LCI estimations for processes with no data exits on their emission factors or environmental impacts, such as climate change. We provide this service for specific areas such as waste management and chemicals. We are expanding the domains in which we provide such LCI data estimates.

    LCA Data Supply Services for Waste-Specific Life Cycle Inventory: For Open Burning of Municipal and E-Waste for Developing Countries

    Our Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data service supply for open waste burning of municipal solid waste and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE; Electronic waste or e-waste) in developing countries are created to conduct Life Cycle (LCA) studies or for understanding their emissions factors/inventories in chich, such data does not exist in commercial databases. We estimate an inventory for open burning of waste management practices in developing countries with our LCI model that focuses on releasing pollutants from specific wastes. This model estimates the emission factors of particular wastes when burned in an open site without cleaning the combustion gases.

    LCI Data Supply Services of Waste Life Cycle Inventory (LCI): For Uncontrolled (Unsanitary) landfill Sites and Open Dumping of Municipal and E-Waste Management for Developing Countries

    We estimate Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data of emissions from improperly structured landfills and open dumpsites of waste in developing countries to perform Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or understand its emissions inventory with or LCI estimation model for these type of waste processes. Unlike the well-engineered landfill sites constructed in developed countries available with commercial LCI databases, these sites in developing countries often have no LCI data.

    GHG Reporting

    We compute all the GHG emissions and help companies report them professionally.

    CO2 Balances

    CO2 balances calculations for determining the carbon footprint of a product or service.

    Life-Cycle: Environmental, Health, Social, Cost, and Material Flow

    Provides several professional sustainability evaluation services such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for better environmental and health design, technology development, and manufacturing processes. Including, e.g., comprehensive environmental evaluation of a system, product, technology, or service from the cradle-to-grave, gate-to-gate, and gate-to-grave evaluation. We consider part of the life-cycle of the entire cycle based on the customer needs: (1) extraction of raw materials phase, (2) production/manufacturing phase, (3) transportation phase, (4) the use phase of the product or technology, and (5) the End-of-Life (EoL) phase (the waste disposal or recycling). Considering the cost, economic, and health impacts.

    Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA)

    With S-LCA, we seek to assess the social impacts of a product throughout its life cycle. Considering all the aspects, including the potential positive and negative impacts throughout the life-cycle of health, poverty, and labor work environment.

    Questionnaire and Survey Services Questionnaire and Survey Services

    1. Provide a well-designed questionnaire that effectively provides our customers with the benefits they need to develop customer business, increase sales. Our survey services provide excellent questionnaire tools that show both the pros and cons of our customer product or service. 2. Analysis of the results obtained 3. Report creation of the results analyzed

    Professional Training for Companies & Individuals Training

    1. We offer professional training courses to companies and individuals to issue certificates after completing a training course and the examinations. Our training services are environmental-focused and sustainability-oriented on environmental topics, methods, and tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA), Environmental Management, Software training (for mathematical computation, LCA, energy analysis, data analysis, chemical process modeling and optimization, and several others) integrated solid waste management, e-waste management, environmental sciences, and sustainability. We also provide seminars and training models based on sessions. 2. Seminars and workshops for companies and individuals.

    Services for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

    Consultation, planning, education content preparation for implementing ESD in education curriculum for high schools, colleges, and graduate schools to achieve the SDGs.

    Services for Africa and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

    Thanks to our professional knowledge, our professional team of specialized experts, our expertise, and our well-planned services, we support both Africa and the MENA region. We support efforts to address the most challenging sustainability issues, including implementing circular economy schemes, energy depletion concerns, mining activities, water resource management, and waste management (electronic waste, hazardous and municipal waste).

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Advanced Training Program

    Regardless of whether or not a participant has prior knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), this training program is designed for company employees with and without any LCA experience. This course is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the LCA method and its practices, especially for industry, manufacturers, and technology developers or companies. They aim to understand their products or systems’ environmental impacts and issues with sustainability-focused best practices and highlight the hotspots and the opportunities for improvements. Further, this course deals with the “what-if” analysis and other types of analyses to deal with sensitivities and the uncertainty concerns of choosing environmentally better and cost-effective materials. Identify the weak points and how to improve them. Also, it prepares the LCA users to firmly and comprehensively compare their products with competitors. A participant who completes the program will gain an advanced level of LCA with an in-depth knowledge of the available LCA industry-leading software packages and databases.

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) services

    1. Offers well-designed services that target the customer's needs for SDGs. A comprehensive set of services, including strategic planning, consultation, monitoring, evaluation, implementation, mapping business goals and activities to SDGs, support, sustainability assessment, market research, technical assistant, research, and development. 2. Identify what SDGs a company should focus on, assess the profit and contribution, and implement and achieve it.

    GHG Reporting subscription plans

    An All-in-One solution for GHG reporting solution: We compute all the GHG emissions and help your company report them professionally. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. You can choose a suitable plan to perform your company's GHG emissions reporting. Based on the plan you choose, you can receive advanced LCA modeling other than Global Warming potential (GWP; Climate Change). We provide the LCA results based on up to four Life Cycle Impact Assessments (LCIA) methods.

    Chemical Plant Design, Process Simulation, & Optimization: Stimulate Chemical R&D

    Provides plant design and process-specific simulation services including, industrial chemicals reactors, catalysts, distillation-related equipment, distillation columns, and complete processes analysis with energy reduction and utilization, minimization of the plant feed, reduction of chemical waste, product purification, chemical separations, renewable energy analysis implementation, steam analysis, development of recycling methods, overall parameters optimization.

    Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

    Calculation of EPD.

    Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

    Cost analysis: we identify the impact of improvement measures on product costs. We develop different technology, market, price, and demand scenarios through a comprehensive cost analysis using the LCC calculation.

    Data Services: Data Analysis, Visualization, and Collection

    • Data collection • Data extraction from literature • Data consultation • Data quality assessment • Data cleansing • Analyzing missing observations • Data analysis with a suitable analytical method for customer data type, project, and goals. • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis. • Statistical analysis. • Data visualization • We offer online visualization services that are cloud-based in real-time to see the changes made online and instantly • We develop Microsoft Excel Dashboards to visualize data

    Report Writing Services (Report Production)

    We provide the writing, editing, and design processes by outsourcing these tasks to us. Examples include: • Annual reports • Business analysis reports • Technical reports • Reports on market research • And several others

    Education & Academic Support

    For education: Provide master's and doctoral students with professional academic services, including teaching courses with practical applications and real-life scenarios, supervision, guidance, and consultation in sustainability-related fields. For Academia: We support the academic community in its R&D, research projects, data, and publications for researchers, teachers, faculty, and university laboratories. Our services of the academic domain include (1) support in conducting research work, (2) evaluation studies, (3) literature reviews, (4) data extraction, (5) pre-publication reviews, feedback, and services on journal papers, technical reports, and books with high proficiency standards. We also advise and support services for research development projects.

    Process Engineering Services

    Design operational process engineering related to energy, chemical industry, manufacturing processes, monitoring processes in various industries.

    Professional Certifications for Indivisuals

    Certification for individuals and businesses: We issue professional certification of "Expert of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)," "Expert of Sustainability," "Expert of Municipal Solid Waste Management," "Expert of E-Waste Management," and "Expert of Waste Management." Services are offered after completing training and the examination procedures.


    Read more here.


    DEISO LCA Pro is a professional, industry-leading Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software currently under development by DEISO.


    A wide range of consultation services, including, e.g., Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data, environmental management, CO2 reduction, energy, technology development, development of research projects, agricultural services, smart farming, waste management (municipal, e-waste, and hazardous), education, Education for Sustainable and Others.

    IT Services & Solutions subscription plans

    An All-in-One IT outsources solutions for sustainable businesses.

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Basic Training Program

    This course is designed to give an essential overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). It will help your company understand the LCA method and its ISO standard.  To conduct an LCA study from the cradle to the grave, interpreting the results for a specific process and the entire system. By evaluating the LCA results, your company will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your project from an environmental perspective and gain an in-depth understanding of the hotspots of the environmental load of the system. This training will also allow you to progress in the future onto more advanced LCA trading programs offered by DEISO.

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