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    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Services

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Services

    What We Provide?

    DEISO provides professional life cycle environmental assessment (LCA) services to improve environmental design, technology development, and manufacturing processes. Including, e.g., comprehensive environmental evaluation of a system, product, technology, or service from the cradle-to-grave, gate-to-gate, cradle-to-gate, and gate-to-grave evaluation. 

    We consider part of the lifecycle or the entire cycle based on the customer needs: (1) extraction of raw materials phase, (2) production/manufacturing phase, (3) transportation phase, (4) the use phase of the product or technology, and (5) the end-of-life phase (the waste disposal or recycling).

    Lear more about our LCA Services

    We provide several business services of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The slides below provide an overall view of LCA’s concept and the advantages of conducting an LCA assessment for industries, companies, or businesses.
    1. Conducting a partial LCA study, e.g., measuring the climate change impact (the Global Warming Potential; GWP) of your product, technology, or service.
    2. Conducting a complete LCA study: E.g., measuring up to 10 environmental-related issues such as ecotoxicity, human toxicity, ozone layer depletion potential, GWP, etc.
    3. Conducting a comprehensive LCA study: The comprehensive LCA study here is referred to as cradle-to-gate evaluation, including extraction of raw materials, production, packaging, transportation, use, and the end-of-life phase (disposal, which might be, e.g., landfilling or recycling, incineration).
    4. Conducting a partial or complete LCA study on the specific phase of the product’s life cycle or the technology, the product, or the service offered to your customers. E.g., the production phase or the waste management one.
    5. An End-Point LCA study can be offered for a complete or comprehensive LCA. The previous LCA-based services are an evaluation at a mid-point level. At an end-point level, the mid-point environmental issues can be aggregated into end-point impacts, such as measuring the damage to the ecosystem, human health, and climate change.
    6. Conducting a gate-based LCA study, partially or wholly: cradle-to-gate, gate-to-gate, gate-to-grave, or cradle-to-grave.
    7. LCA training on the method: The LCA methodology, approaches, data-related, applications, etc.
    8. Consulting: regarding data requirements, data gaps, and database recommendations for your project or evaluation study (what are the suitable databases for your project for evaluation).
    9. LCA Training: Full training courses, sessions, seminars, or workshop-based.
    Below are some examples of the measured environmental issues (environmental themes or environmental loads):

    • Fossil depletion
    • Freshwater ecotoxicity
    • Freshwater eutrophication
    • Human toxicity
    • Ionizing radiation
    • Marine ecotoxicity
    • Metal depletion
    • Natural land transformation
    • Ozone depletion
    • Particulate matter formation
    • Photochemical oxidant -formation
    • Terrestrial acidification
    • Terrestrial ecotoxicity
    • Urban land occupation
    • Agricultural land occupation
    • 12+ years of experience in LCA, LCA data, and state-of-the-art LCA software.
    • Up-to-date knowledge of recent development and applications of LCA based on peer-reviewed academic literature from high-profile and impactful journals.
    • We have the expertise and deep knowledge of LCA within industry and academia.
    • We have extensive knowledge of LCA databases such as ecoinvent, the Japanese IDEA database, GaBi professional database, all GaBi’s extension databases for all the industries they are developed for, the American, Australian, and European as well all other well-known databases.
    • We conduct literature reviews whenever they are necessary for the client projects including academic papers and industrial reports.
    • At the core of the LCA is data, known as Life Cycle Inventory (LCA) data. Depending on the industry, we are able to deal with missing data for a particular process with different techniques.
    • We have a great deal of knowledge of LCI databases. Therefore, we use this knowledge to carefully consider how each database or process dataset matches our client project. In addition, we examine the system boundaries of each LCI dataset, as this has a significant impact on the results of an LCA study. Inappropriate use of a dataset may lead to overestimation or down estimation. Therefore, human experience is more important than LCA software in such cases. Although we use the appropriate LCA software according to the type of project and the necessary LCI databases.
    • We perform additional analyses for final results based on our clients’ preferences, including Monte Carlo simulation (uncertainty analysis), sensitivity analysis, parameter analysis, and scenario development.
    • In some cases, the use of the LCL itself is not enough to fully assess a technology or production process or to compare different technologies or products. Consequently, we conduct other analyses outside of the LCA. We employ sustainability methods needed to answer our customers’ big questions about their technologies.
    • We conduct LCAs at business, technology, Local, regional, and global levels. We consider the impacts, including extraction and use of raw materials; production processes, products, or services; recycling activities and facilities; and waste collections and disposal methods such as landfilling, incineration, and bio-gasification.
    • We support technology developers in the production process, production analysis, and technology development with environmental and environmental health considerations in mind.
    • We support the use of LCA software for companies: advice, planning, and training. LCA software includes GaBi ts, SimaPro, openLCA, MiLCA, and other assessment-specific LCA software used for waste management, buildings, and construction.
    • Support for Eco-labels and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for products using our LCA expertise.
    • Fully use the LCA to help companies and industries ensure the viability of their strategic development.
    • Use LCA to shift from a linear economy to a circular economy (to support economic circularity).
    • We provide Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data services. We estimate LCI data that is not available in the LCI commercial databases or literature. We do this to help LCA experts, businesses, and researchers conduct an LCA evaluation for their purposes (READ MORE).
    • We are also developing our LCA tools and software (READ MORE).

    LCA Studies

    We can handle your needs, whether you need to take a snapshot of your product, technology, or services or an assessment or benchmarking and comparative evaluation against other products and technologies. We carry out all types of LCA studies: "Screening LCA,” "Product LCA,” and “Comparative LCA” studies.

    LCA Basic Training Program

    This course offers an essential overview of LCA. It will benefit your company to understand the LCA method, its ISO standard, and its applications. By completing this program, your employees can conduct an LCA study from the cradle to the grave, interpreting and reporting the results for a specific process and the entire system for product improvement of the company’s technologies.


    Get certified for the basics of LCA: DEISO LCA+ is a training and certification program of LCA basics. Become an LCA certified and step up your career in today's most complex industries and research. Enrich your scientific publications and get recognized as an LCA expert in academia and industry.

    LCA Data Estimates

    Sometimes, the LCA data “known as Life Cycle Inventory (LCI)” is nonexistent in commercial databases. We estimate such unavailable data with various approaches in different areas.

    LCA Advanced Training Program

    specifically for industry, manufacturing, and technology development. By completing this program, you will be able to conduct an LCA study from the cradle to the grave, interpreting and reporting the results for a specific process and the entire system with any LCA studies: "Screening LCA,” "Product LCA,” and Comparative LCA” studies and perform several LCA additional analyses.


    specifically for industry, manufacturing, and technology development. By completing this program, you will be able to conduct an LCA study from the cradle to the grave, interpreting and reporting the results for a specific process and the entire system with any LCA studies: "Screening LCA,” "Product LCA,” and Comparative LCA” studies and perform several LCA additional analyses.

    DESO LCA One

    DESIO LCA One is our All-in-One service-based solution. A cost-effective solution for all your LCA needs: LCA and data consulting, emissions estimations of unavailable emission factors, training, modeling, and more. Available in different subscription plans for both companies and education.

    LCA Software Training

    Training programs of the prevalent and industrial leading software widely used in both industry and academia. GaBi ts, SimaPro, openLCA & MilCA. It is highly recommended that a user not work with an LCA software without detailed knowledge and professional skills on the software used for a particular project or study and its databases. Learning any of these software solutions is an incredible skill in today’s industries and the job market. The use of LCA and its LCA software is a sustainability value for your company.

    LCA Critical Reviews

    An ACL peer review provides you maximum credibility and reliability, as an ACL peer review is recommended. LCA is a precise and detailed field. If an LCA is comparative and involves release in the public domain, the ISO LCA standard requires an independent review.

    Need a Special LCA Service?

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to speak with us about a specific LCA service for your company, team, manufacturing, or technology. You can submit your request here or email us at .

    Training Services for LCA Software and LCI Data

    We also offer training, consultancy on LCA and its Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data and software such as SimaPro, GaBi ts, openLCA, and the ecoinvent LCI database and other databases.

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software

    LCA Training Programs

    Basic LCA Training Program 

    Adanced LCA Training Program 

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