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    Life Cycle Inventory Data Estimation for uncontrolled landfills and open dumping

    Data Estimation Services

    Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Data for Uncontrolled Dump Sites

    LCI Data Supply Services of Waste Life Cycle Inventory (LCI): For Uncontrolled (Unsanitary) landfill Sites and Open Dumping of Municipal and E-Waste Management for Developing Countries

    We estimate Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data of emissions from improperly structured landfills and open dumpsites of waste in developing countries to perform Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or understand its emissions inventory with or LCI estimation model for these type of waste processes. Unlike the well-engineered landfill sites constructed in developed countries available with commercial LCI databases, these sites in developing countries often have no LCI data.

    Different climatic conditions are considered to estimate those emissions (emissions per 1 kg of waste composition or type. e.g., paper, organic waste, glass, copper, plastic, metals, electronic components, etc.). We focus on emission factors from specific waste components, including municipal solid waste and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE; e-waste; electronic waste).

    Our clients need to provide us with the input parameters required for the estimation. The parameters are usually simple and, in most cases, can be easily obtained. These parameters can usually be obtained from municipalities, waste management experts, and engineers of a specific city or country in charge of landfills, government websites, statistic departments, or national technical reports. We use them as input parameters to estimate a complete emissions inventory of waste landfilling from unsanitary and open dumpsites. We estimate those emissions to all mediums, including emissions to water, air, and soil. If our clients cannot provide us with those parameters and information of the landfill sites, we do the service at our end. We investigate the situation in the target city or country and do our best to obtain those parameters and information for extra fees.

    We provide the estimated LCI inventory in a Microsoft Excel workbook with a report(s). We can supply estimated LCI for a wide range of waste types. Therefore, our LCI supply service is waste-specific. The client can request LCI data for a specific waste (e.g., organic waste, plastic, paper, etc.) or all the waste landfilled and open dumps. We then provide the LCI estimates per single type of waste or all types emitted from 1 kg of waste.


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