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Data Services

Data Services: Data Analysis, Visualization, Collection, and Other Relevant Data Services

Solutions A significant challenge for companies today is understanding and presenting the data in a format that supports decision-making, evaluates the current situation, and makes a step forward with future strategic planning. Due to the rapid evolution of information, companies cannot fall behind to meet the demanding data analysis processes and strategies’ requirements. Data analysis

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Life Cycle Inventory Data Estimation (LCI)

Challenges Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data is crucial for conducting any Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study or evaluation. For researchers and companies. Not all LCI data are available in commercial LCI databases or even in literature. LCA experts often encounter a major obstacle to obtaining the missing LCI data for their projects. Solutions We provide

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Life Cycle Inventory Data Estimation for Open Burning of Municipal and electronic for Developing Countries

LCA Data Supply Services for Waste-Specific Life Cycle Inventory: For Open Burning of Municipal and E-Waste for Developing Countries Our Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data service supply for open waste burning of municipal solid waste and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE; Electronic waste or e-waste) in developing countries are created to conduct Life Cycle

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Life Cycle Inventory Data Estimation for uncontrolled landfills and open dumping

LCI Data Supply Services of Waste Life Cycle Inventory (LCI): For Uncontrolled (Unsanitary) landfill Sites and Open Dumping of Municipal and E-Waste Management for Developing Countries We estimate Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data of emissions from improperly structured landfills and open dumpsites of waste in developing countries to perform Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or understand

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Questionnaire and Survey Services

Skip to Features Questionnaire and Survey Services: Gather Responses with Surveys. Reach everyone, everywhere. Overview Surveys allow companies, organizations, NGOs, local governments, and individuals to gather information about their consumers or whatever the interest is, converting information to meaningful and understandable data. This leads to having clear insights, understanding the whole picture, and leads to

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Reports Services

Solutions A technical report’s aim is often scientific, professional purposes, or business-oriented, or to report annual company status, outcome, achievements, progress, and development. Also, an update of earlier published information or publishing specific or general findings. When your company or institute needs such kind of reports being professionally produced, your business needs expert writers and

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