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DEISO (Integrated Environmental Sustainability Oriented Research and Development) is a sustainability company based in Japan. It delivers profit and impact to businesses and industries and values to the planet, academic institutions, and people. DEISO provides professional services to meet the needs for sustainability goals, efficiency, energy demand, and profitability with R&D, sustainability-focused services, EHS, solutions of CO2 reduction, LCA, KPIs, SDGs, sound material-cycle society, research software, cloud-based sustainability solutions, and sustainability support for emerging countries. We aim to improve the industry's environmental performance, governance, society, and education with an integrated concept, data-driven assessment, and science-based consulting solutions and services.

DEISO works closely with its valuable customers to support them in achieving their sustainability, environmental, productivity, and profitability goals. We do that by incorporating our original business concept with in-depth technical knowledge, industrial and academic experience, and a holistic project-based approach to provide high-quality and industry standards services to our clients.

Our Customers

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Concerning a company:

  1. A need for a professional and specialized company with deep knowledge & experience with  Sustainable Development services are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on science-based research and Research & Development (R&D).
  2. A professional company to tackle its clients’ critical issues through a holistic and integrated concept of (1) industrial and business knowledge and expertise, (2) scientific research, (3) human resource development, (4) IT services and solutions, and cloud-based solution, (5) and life-cycle thinking. A company that its clients can outsource, e.g., its daily or monthly routine tasks of data analysis and visualization, report making, questioners and surveys, and several methods to collect data from their clients and market so that such companies can put their focus and resources in their business with the best sustainability practices to generate revenues, deal with environmental and social concerns, and attain sustainable development and sustainable businesses.
  3. There is a need for a professional company with the original concept; sustainable development integrated, intelligent, efficient, and productive while profitable. Services, e.g., that help produce products and develop technologies from an environmental perspective include reducing GHG, energy use and optimization, and hazardous waste management and reuse. Environmental impact assessment and material assessment on total material requirements and their flow into the environmental system and economy. 

Concerning Services:

The need to develop tools needed by industries, experts, engineers, and researchers such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its data and implementations in the company through a hoisting life-cycle-thinking approach to help understand the environmental impacts’ hotspots of the environmental impacts their production or technology development and opportunities for improvement. A sustainability assessment service is needed for achieving sustainable development, shifting to renewable energy, and advance technology development and innovation regarding (1) environment impacts such as the climate change problem (CO2 reduction) (2) cost: where the cost of the manufacturing and technology needs to be optimized (3) the resources: where energy use and materials need to be minimized and put back in the production process through recycling approaches, and (4) automation of the calculations where the business productive and efficient, saving hours or weeks of manual calculations and avoiding human mistakes, (5) evaluation of impacts of manufacturing processes on public health and how to prevent such impacts as well environmental health and safety.

And more to solve: 

  • Empowering circular economy (CE) where the materials can be put backing the economy and the supply chain.
  • Help companies and local governments implement the SDGs and shift to sustainable development.
  • Assessment, definition, and prioritizing SDGs for each company, strategic planning and tools for measuring and monitoring progress, and developing or implementing key performance indicators. 
  • Assist developing countries in overcoming major and crisis issues such as waste management crises or inappropriate municipal waste, electronic waste (e-waste), and hazardous waste.
  • Assist developing countries in dealing with critical water resource management, energy demand, food security, supply chain, sustainable agriculture, etc. 
  • Support oil-producing countries on energy depletion challenges and concerns in the Middle East with the transition to renewable and alternative options.
  • IT services and solutions to be outsourced to a professional sustainability company with IT integration to focus on their day-to-day operation and productivity while the IT services of the sustainable business are outsourced to DEISO.
  • Cloud-based services monitor and track the ecosystem.
  • Professional consultation based on both industrial and research knowledge and expertise for each service provided or needed.
  • Topic-specific research-based studies evaluating a critical environmental issue or practices or tackle an environmental issue. 
  • Decision-making process based on data and its analysis.
  • Risk management of project implantation regarding the environmental, economic, and social impacts.
  • A business that incorporates Sustainability services to academia (such as university laboratories and academia).
  • A professional, cost-effective Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software for companies, education, universities, researchers, engineers, and postgraduate students. 

Core Services

At the Department of Sustainability Services (DEISO SUS), we focus on integrated environmental sustainability services. We integrate various aspects and strategies to provide our customers with sustainability-oriented services. Such aspects include expert knowledge, multidisciplinary methods, analytical methods, simulation, modeling techniques, data analysis, evaluation models, market analysis, economic feasibility, strategic planning, with consideration to local and global changes.

We offer a range of sustainability services of, e.g., Material Flow Analysis (MFA), circular economy indicators and assessment, energy systems design and implementation, sustainability strategies, environmental design, life cycle analysis, evaluation, health impact assessment, consultancy, training, and LCA assistance and LCA evaluation for the entire projects, process simulation, agriculture and farming services, municipal and e-waste management and planning. In addition to IT solutions to manage, monitor, and track sustainability systems of companies and industries.

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At the Department of Research & Development (DEISO R&D), we conduct research work, analytical, and evaluation studies to support industries, businesses, companies, academia, and local communities. We focus on environmental, sustainability, sustainable development, energy, renewable energy, waste management, e-waste management, social well-being, resource management, urban environmental management, environmental design, circular economy, agriculture, and technology evaluation. We aim to aid industries and academia in the development processes of their technologies and projects. Besides conducting research-oriented studies, we offer in-depth environmental impact assessment services such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Please see our LCA services for further details. We also offer Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) services as well

Our Research and Development department (DEISO R&D) aims to contribute to sustainable development, economic growth, maintaining the environment, resources, public health, and enhancing people’s lives and social welfare with social science research-based. We aim to provide realistic solutions to several environmental and sustainability issues, CO2 reduction, resource management, recycling, managing municipal and e-waste crises in several developing countries, researching disaster prevention, risk evaluation, market analysis, and several other topics.

Besides, DEISO R&D conducts and publishes funded-based, non-commercial research work to contribute to society and academia.

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The Su stainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interrelated global goals designed to be a worldwide plan for a healthier and more viable strategy to achieving a sustainable world. The United Nations (UN) formed the SDGs within 17 world goals to strike out for a better planet; they vary from ending poverty, climate issues, water, food crises, and securities to energy, environmental issues, etc. The question is, how do we determine how to put them in place?
Global challenges-going and requires quality solutions that involve the private sector as a  part of the global and local changes with a vast and increasing market for business innovation. As we contemplate transforming business models and systems for the ultimate, integrity and values will play a significant role. For companies to achieve the SDG agenda, the job starts by acting responsibly – embodying the UU’s SDGs principles widely into strategies and operations and knowing that acceptable methods or modernization in one sector cannot be developed individually.
Increased companies recognize that they have a large business in achieving the SDGs. Contribution to SDGs can still make market value with the assistance of risk management. But what are the essential sustainability objectives for your organization? How to proceed with the SDGs? And how do companies have a track of your progress on the SDGs?
DEISO offers well-designed services that target the customer’s needs for SDGs. A comprehensive set of services, including strategic planning, consultation, monitoring, evaluation, implementation, napping business goals and activities with SDGs, support, sustainability assessment, market research, technical assistant, research and development, and more. Your company will be getting the work completed with our integrated knowledge and expertise. Together, we can work on how your company can lead to the SDGs and be profitable simultaneously, so you can set ambitious goals and advance your business towards attaining those global ambitions goals while making opportunities for your company’s business growth. This will allow your organization to figure out tangible options and make use of our analyses to support the organization to achieve your business SDGs’ goals.

We also bring our consumers fully managed IT services and solutions, implementing and anticipating their IT requirements. We develop customized IT solutions that meet their needs. We help our clients focus on their business progress, keep it in service, up-and-running smoothly, and well-presented online. All these duties, by outsourcing the IT requirements to our side. Such IT services include web design, web development, branding, online presence, web hosting, server hosting, web servers management, customized software development, webserver management, systems back up, maintenance, troubleshooting, and IT consultancy.

To discover more about what we offer in information technology, please visit our IT department (DEISO IT).

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Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: Environmental, Health, and Social Impacts Assessment

At the Department of Sustainability Services (DEISO SUS), we focus on integrated environmental sustainability services. We integrate various aspects and strategies to provide our customers with sustainability-oriented services. Such aspects include expert knowledge, multidisciplinary methods, analytical methods, simulation, modeling techniques, data analysis, evaluation models, market analysis, economic feasibility, strategic planning, with consideration to local and global changes.

We offer a range of sustainability services of, e.g., Material Flow Analysis (MFA), circular economy indicators and assessment, energy systems design and implementation, sustainability strategies, environmental design, life cycle analysis, evaluation, health impact assessment, consultancy, training, and LCA assistance and LCA evaluation for the entire projects, process simulation, agriculture and farming services, municipal and e-waste management and planning. In addition to IT solutions to manage, monitor, and track sustainability systems of companies and industries.

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DEISO provides plant design and process-specific simulation services including, industrial chemicals reactors, catalysts, distillation-related equipment, distillation columns, and complete processes analysis with energy reduction and utilization, minimization of the plant feed, reduction of chemical waste, product purification, organic chemical separations, renewable energy analysis implementation for a cetin plant, steam analysis, development of recycling loops, overall parameters optimization, and multiple environmental impacts evaluation through LCA techniques including climate change, human toxicity, and ecosystem toxicity. Other benefits of our services of chemical process simulation and optimization are listed below.

We compute all the GHG emissions and help your company or industry report them professionally. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. Choose a suitable plan today to perform your company’s GHG emissions reporting and receive advanced LCA modeling other than Global Warming potential (GWP; Climate Change) with up to 4 Life Cycle Impact Assessments (LCIA) methods.

DEISO delivers business services of development, planning, evaluation, and engineering services for renewable energy in close collaboration with our customers. We aim to contribute to cleaner, more resilient, net-zero carbon dioxide emissions of the local, regional, and global scales by helping our customers for decarbonization. Our customers are industries, energy companies, government agencies, non-governmental agencies, technology developers, industries, entrepreneurs of the renewable energy business, and academia. We work on projects of small-scale to mid-scale. In general, we are currently focusing on these types of renewable energy: Solar Power Generation, Wind Power Generation, Biomass Energy, and Waste-to-Energy (WtE).

DEISO provides several professional sustainability evaluation services of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for better environmental and health design, technology development, and manufacturing processes. Including, e.g., comprehensive environmental evaluation of a system, product, technology, or service from the cradle-to-grave, gate-to-gate, and gate-to-grave evaluation. We consider part of the lifecycle or the entire cycle based on the customer needs: (1) extraction of raw materials phase, (2) production/manufacturing phase, (3) transportation phase, (4) the use phase of the product or technology, and (5) the end-of-life phase (the waste disposal or recycling).

We help our customers understand the environmental impacts or performance of multiple environmental and public health issues such as climate change, ecosystem toxicity, human toxicity, ozone-layer depletion potential—also, damage to resources, ecosystem, biodiversity, and energy and resources depletion, besides understanding the environmental performance of their technology or product developments stages, we help highlight the hot spots of the environmental consequences on a specific process or stage, or phase of the entire life cycle and shed light on the opportunities for improvements. We help them reduce GHG emissions, compare their products or technologies with others, and analyze energy savings potentials. We also offer LCA training, consulting, and LCI-related data advice for their projects, in addition to the evaluation services.

We also offer training, consultancy on LCA and its Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data and software such as SimaPro, GaBi ts, openLCA, and the ecoinvent LCI database and other databases.

In addition, we provide Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) services to assess the social impacts within economic activities and the impacts on people and well-being. This is considered one of the leading development goals of today modern societies. That required the evaluation that can be improved for well-being and social welfare. It supports it is a critical element of public policies and decision making by considering the social benefit and impacts and cultural elements, several critical social development values, and lifestyle. All affect the way social issues are being seen and evaluated. Furthermore, social impacts and supply chains are increasingly assessed by different stakeholders involved in sustainable development, such as the governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and academia.

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  1. Quantify municipal solid waste and predict future waste generation, waste inventories, per disposal facility, management activities, sites, city, or region.
  2. Evaluation of the technical and environmental performance of landfills.
  3. Proper landfill planning and design focused on human health, environmental concerns, and energy recovery (Waste-to-Energy).
  4. Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) of emission factors considering the climate conditions (arid, humid, etc.) for uncontrolled (unsanitary) landfills and open landfills of municipal and electronic waste. Such data is usually required to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study or evaluation or access the disposal situation (LEARN MORE).
  5. LCI of emission factors considering the climate conditions (arid, humid, etc.) for open burning of informal recycling. Such data is usually required to conduct an LCA study or evaluation or access the emissions situation (LEARN MORE).
  6. Environmental impact assessment and cost evaluation for existing municipal waste management systems.
  7. Environmental impact assessment and cost evaluation of municipal waste management systems or e-waste with compassion with well-designed, investigated, evaluated alternative waste management technologies up to 5+ schemes (development of waste management scenarios).
  8. Electronic waste generation and estimation (inventory development) and future waste forecasts generated by single or multiple devices such as mobile phones, TVs, laptops, PCs, refrigerators, etc. Of firsthand and second-hand appliances.
  9. Electronic waste material flow analysis (MFA)(LEARN MORE).
  10. Providing consulting and planning services to mitigate informal recycling issues.
  11. Develop systems for recycling municipal solid waste and e-waste.
  12. Development, planning, and consultation of waste recovery technologies (Waste-to-Energy).
  13. Consultants services on waste management activities such as recycling, collection schemes, separating, disposing of, etc.
  14. Environmental and benefit and evaluation of any waste activity, proposed management system, or alternative systems.
  15. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): ESD implementation for reducing, reusing, preventing, separating, and recycling waste in educational curriculum in schools and univariates (LEARN MORE).

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Academic Services
We support academia with their research and development efforts, research projects, data, and publications, for researchers, professors, faculty members, and university laboratories. Our services of the academic domain include: (1) conducting research work, (2) evaluation studies, (3) literature reviews, (4) data extraction, (5) provision of data, tools, and software as DESIO is a re-seller of several data and software vendors, (6) pre-publication reviews, feedback, and services on journal papers, technical reports, and books with high proficiency standards. We also offer consultancy and assistance in research development projects.

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To enhance postgraduate study and research, we provide master’s and doctoral students with professional academic services including, teaching courses with practical applications and real-life scenarios, supervision, guidance, and consultation.

To respond to the global crises and their impacts on education, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we develop strategic online educational services utilizing modern technologies.

We also provide offline teaching courses, training, and seminars—all in a topic related to environmental sciences and engineering and sustainability-related majors. We also offer pre-publication reviews, feedback, and guidance services on papers and thesis. Also, we offer academic writing and publication teaching courses and comprehensive academic and research work guidance with high proficiency of standards.

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We offer professional training courses of environmentally-focused and sustainability-oriented on environmental topics, methods, and tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA), integrated solid waste management, e-waste management, environmental sciences, and sustainability science. Besides, we offer seminars and session-based training models.

We also provide professional training on academic and research software, including, e.g., GaBi ts, SimaPro, openLCA, ecoinvent database, simulation and modeling software, data analysis, and visualization software and tools.

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Looking for robust and efficient questionnaire and survey services? Look no further – DEISO well-designed questioner effectively provides you with the benefits you need to develop your business, increase your sales, or even enhance your academic work. Using our survey services provides excellent questionnaire results that show both the pros and cons. Using our services, we can provide you with numerous options for creating and distributing questionnaires and provides you with the resources you need to achieve great surveys. Not only for business, but for academic work and research projects.  If you want help using our survey services for your research projects, you can consult with as any time at .

At DEISO, we believe that Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an essential component of modern education. This is essential to prepare for a generation of leaders that are aware and responsible for the global and local changes; participating in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), raise their awareness to the global, regional, and local issues such as climate change issue, resource depletion, sustainable lifestyle practices, environmental issues, and global crises, and participate in archiving SDGs. For these purposes, we offer the below professional services of ESD:

  1. Support for implementing ESD in the educational curriculum for educational institutes such as schools, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs.
  2. Syllabus development of ESD: We help educational institutes implement well-planned and research-based syllabi to aid our expert team’s experience. We carefully develop them based on the UNESCO guidelines and literature (including journal papers, scientific reports, and ESD-focused book materials).
  3. Analysis of the current educational curriculum and integrating the ESD within it or developing an addiction to the curriculum for introducing ESD.
  4. Educational seminars, workshops, and training for educators or students.
  5. We provide strategic planning and consultation of ESD-related needs for our clients.
  6. We advise and guidance on ESD research projects.
  7. We offer a professional consultation based on data-driven and evaluation studies for ESD plans, educational goals, and ESD research projects.
  8. We provide dedicated support to developing countries to implement ESD in their educational systems.
  9. We provide service-specific consultation, planning, and advice to governments, NGOs, and local and international organizations worldwide.
  10. We identify the stakeholders in empowering or implementing SDGs, communicate with them, and work together to facilitate the transition process to ESD.

You can also learn about our services for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can also join our DESIO SDGs HUB free of charge, here.

Learn more about ESD & our services for ESD

For the complete list of our services, please visit the services page here. You can also download the list in PDF format here.

  1. DEISO LCA Pro: A life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software is being developed by DEISO (learn more).
  2. Data and software reseller partnership.
  3. Development of multi-level waste management schemes of municipal waste and electronic planning; design; and environmental and financial assessment for developing countries, including waste generation estimates and predictions.
  4. Digital transformation services.
  5. Cloud storage services: files hosting, synchronization, and sharing.
  6. Disaster waste management.
  7. Risk management.

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